A map of a public park shows a circular pond. there is a bridge along a diameter of the pond that is 0.85 mi long. you walk across the bridge, while your friend walks halfway around the pond to meet you at the other side of the bridge. how much farther does your friend walk? round your answer to the nearest hundredth. use 3.14 for Ο€.

Accepted Solution

To answer this question you will compare the distance you walked (0.85 miles) to the distance your friend walked ( half the circumference of the circle ; C = pi x d/2

Your friend walked 3.14 x 0.85/2 = 1.33 miles approximately

To find the difference in the distances, subtract 1.33 and 0.85.

1.33 - 0.85 = 0.48 miles

Your friend walked 0.48 miles further.